Gill Ballard  - Spiritual Medium, Healer Counsellor, Hypnotherapist
You will feel Peace, Calm and Upliftment when you visit my place of healing in Minster,Kent.

My healing sanctuary is a place to relax and let go for a while.
Upon entering, clients often say they feel like they step into another world!
Of course they do, as in this sanctuary, two worlds become one for a while as we connect our energy to the higher vibrations for relaxation and healing.

A place to 'Just be'

Healing, Counselling and Hypnotherapy, Crystals, Spiritual Mediumship and Colour therapy combine to help heal Hearts and Minds.

Positive thinking and Positive action creating a Positive Life.

Private sittings using Spiritual Mediumship
to heal the heart and mind
Healing to balance the energy fields,help to heal the physical body,and raise your energy levels
Counselling to help heal the mind & heart
Hypnotherapy to help mind, body & spirit

Healing, Hypnotherapy & Counselling all help to heal our hearts & minds.
Workshops &Seminars   Are held on a regular basis, giving you the opportunity to open your awareness to your intuition (the voice of the heart) which will enable you to live life fully on a positive energy vibration. 
Positive Living - Living in Joy

Linking with Guides & Angels

Understanding Energy & the Law of Attraction

                                               Angel Energy

                                              The Healing Powers of Colour

Please contact me for more details.
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